The Artist, whose innate talent is reected and felt in his work, his beautiful treatment that draws form and spiritual visions continuing the classical tradition, blending with visual elements of more contemporary and modern style.
He belongs to an illustrious list of University of Santo Tomas Fine Arts-graduates who have made significant contributions to Philippine art and culture before many of them have conquered the world like Rovero himself, who has permanently resettled in Sydney with his family. He has poured his heart and focused his creativity on paintings. His paintings are vivid and universal, projecting the grandeur of the theme and spirit on canvas.
Notwithstanding tough competition amongst homegrown artists, he has managed to pursue his art as migrant artist even winning awards most notably the Auburn Mayoral award in 2002. In 2006 he was named most outstanding artist at the Golden Anniversary of Aklan in the Philippines.
Apart from many other distinctions garnered from Arts Alive Society Annual Art exhibitions as well as art competitions throughout NSW.
One of the steering hands and pioneering voices in the preservations, promotion and development of Filipino identity amidst the multicultural society of Australia, he is the founding President of the Philippine Australia Arts Association, Sydney, having organized countless group exhibits, not to mention his very own one-man shows. His unique paintings and sculpture have been sighted and displayed at such major art venues like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Power House Museum, Casula Powerhouse, and including a number of regional galleries.
He has been designated as an Art instructor for Fairfield City Community Resource Centre. A former president of Arts Alive Society based in Fairfield, NSW. One of the Directors of the Newly formed Filipino Australian Artistic and Cultural Endeavour Society (FAACES) in the presentation of the Citation Awards for the Deserving Australian Filipino, who have been part of the Arts Industries with Professionalism and excellence for a number of years.